About BIO®

About BIO®


BIO®, is a cloud-based physician-directed, coach-supported Personal Health Management System that enables individuals to benefit from the world’s best peer-reviewed information at low cost and in real-time. BIO®‘s analytical engine uses whole body information to generate personalized recommendations in the form of a therapeutic lifestyle plan.

BIO® integrates Insurers, Medical Directors, Researchers, Physicians, Coaches and Patients into a real-time network that spans HIPAA and consumer networks.

The Problem of Plenty

In health decisions, more is more.

Life science information doubles every 73 days. Within this data are the life enhancing, life saving products, services and information that can improve the quality of life, reverse conditions and extend life spans.

The high price of today’s low information care is clinical and financial outcomes unworthy of an evidenced-based business.

BIO® removes the cognitive, cost and time constraints that prevent whole body information from being used in research, medicine and daily life - without busting budgets or exceeding encounter times.

BIO® gets personal

Personalized Medicine Results at General Insurance RatesTM means that BIO® is able to generate better outcomes without extraordinary costs. BIO® does this by translating general health recommendations into a form that is personalized, actionable and easy to follow - regardless of education, experience, or location.

Diagnostics to DollarsTM

New Clinical and Financial Analytics for a new era in care.

BIO®’s evidenced based clinical and financial analytics tie Diagnostics to DollarsTM. Now a change in health changes cost.


BIO® auto-codes performance, outcomes, and compliance - compensating for gaming and behavior’s impact on outcomes.

Research to ResultsTM

BIO® upgrades today's development, delivery and consumption pipeline - lowering costs and compressing time. BIO® is the new network for always on, tech savvy, health conscious users. Tomorrow's citizen scientists.

From Managing our Decline to Managing by DesignTM

Life science information doubles every 73 days.
Within this data are the life enhancing, life saving products, services and information that can improve the quality of life, reverse conditions and extend life spans.
BIO® is the platform for delivering that future.

A BIOlogically Informed Operating SystemTM

A network management platform with new levels of integration, administrative oversight, clinical and financial management with a future-proof architecture that is available today. Contact us to see how we can help you prepare for the future.

About BIO Wellness, Inc.


BIO Wellness, Inc. (BWI) is the developer of BIO®, a cloud-based physician-directed, coach-supported Personal Health Management System that enables individuals to benefit from the world’s best peer-reviewed information at low cost and in real-time. BIO® makes it possible to use whole body information in the daily practice of medicine, at or near today's cost. This is BIO®'s solution to making Personalized Medicine available at General Insurance Rates.

Meet the Team


Michael Willy

President / CEO


Chris Janelli

VP Business Development


Weixin Tang

Senior Technology Advisor

Dr. Weixin Tang is an experienced ERP/SAP professional in technology architecture and SAP service delivery. He was a principal technical consultant during his tenure worked at SAP America. As a ERP/SAP specialist Dr. Tang has been successfully delivered high-end services to many global clients.

Dr. Tang is an established leader in ERP technology consulting with solid management qualifications and proven track records in ERP enterprise architecture, technology management, and delivery of world-class ERP services. With a unique skill-set combining strong technical background and deep understanding in business processes, Dr. Tang has functioned as a trusted advisor for his customers for more than 18 years. He has over 20 years of IT experience with 15+ years in the SAP technology management.

Dr. Tang also has over 15+ years of experience working at pharmaceutical industry with expertise in computer system QA & Validation, CRF 21 Part 11, and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance. Dr. Tang is also a seasonal specialist SAP internal auditing & Enterprise Risk Management. Dr. Tang is also a world-class expert in IT transition and hominization (in Divest or M & A space).


Anthony J. Nania

VP and General Counsel


Carolyn Willy

Product Manager


Marko Ljubanovic

Senior Programmer


Mark Prete, M.D.

Medical Director

Press Releases

Recent Press Release

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Kalispell Regional Medical Center Pilots Project for a Healthier Montana Tags: Healthcare, healthcare IT, Finance, Insurance, Personalized Medicine, Analytics Copley, Ohio – August 22, 2016

Bio Wellness, Inc. ("BWI" - Ohio), Kalispell Regional Medical Center ("KRMC" - Montana) and The Summit Medical Fitness Center ("The Summit" - Montana) have announced their agreement to collaborate on a technology project aimed at health promotion and disease prevention. Bio Wellness, Inc. developed BIO®, a cloud-based Personal Health Management System that uses a person's biological information to improve their health. BIO's Personal Health Management System connects individuals—and families—with coaches, physicians, insurers and communities in a real-time HIPAA compliant health network. BIO® analytics use an individual's whole body information and the world's ever-growing body of nutrition, medical and lifestyle information to generate recommendations that enable the delivery of low cost precision medical intervention to manage and treat chronic illness and reduce risk.

BIO® tracks and analyzes all implemented recommendations and results to provide true accountability. KRMC's project team is led by cardiologist Jon Johnson, MD, whose practice for more than 20 years has focused on cardiovascular disease (CVD), and Brad Roy, PhD, Administrator / Executive Director at KRMC and The Summit. The BWI Team is led by Michael Willy, CEO and chief developer of BIO®, Mark Prete, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and Chris Janelli, VP of Business Development. With BIO®, the KRMC and The Summit team will demonstrate how symptoms of cardiovascular disease can be reduced. Over a specific timeframe, users of the technology will have four physician office visits and four diagnostic blood tests to determine their BIO® lifestyle plan with appropriate medical management and coaching.

BIO® will integrate with The Summit's already successful Journey to Wellness program. It is expected that KRMC and The Summit will become the primary disease prevention and risk reversal model for Montana. Dr. Roy explained, "While the current project specifically focuses on individuals at moderate cardiovascular risk, the greater benefit from BIO® is to provide any individual or family with a very high level physician-managed lifestyle program. BIO® assists medical professionals in identifying an individual's disease risk so that appropriate personalized preventive measures and coaching can be provided today to reduce the risk for chronic disease in the future. We expect to offer the resulting program to The Summit's members and to make this a cornerstone for improving health for the people of Montana."

Mr. Willy predicts that leveraged with BIO®, The Summit's Journey to Wellness program and experienced coaching staff will become a template for Community Health Management and the foundation for defining how Medical Centers, Fitness Centers, and communities across America can collaboratively be a significant weapon in America's war against preventable chronic illness—especially CVD, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Mr. Willy said, "Our pilot projects with Kalispell Regional Medical Center and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital will further demonstrate how BIO® removes the cognitive, cost and time constraints that prevent whole body information from being used in research, medicine and daily life—without busting budgets or exceeding encounter times. The economies that will flow from the adoption of such a practice model and its availability through KRMC and The Summit will enable all Montanans, and ultimately all Americans regardless of health or income, to receive a low cost level of healthcare not yet fully imagined."

Dr. Mark Prete said, "The pilot project is the first step in demonstrating how BIO's evidence-based clinical and financial analytics will support coding advanced diagnostics for reimbursement based upon significantly better health risk analysis. Many advanceddiagnostic tests languish, as they can't be monetized. BIO® will support monetization with new clinical and financial analytics that will show how advanced diagnostics can significantly support better health outcomes that lower healthcare costs." Simultaneously with KRMC, a second BIO® pilot project is being done at Connecticut's Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. The pilots are expected to commence in September and last approximately 6 months.


About Bio Wellness, Inc Bio Wellness, Inc — Solutions for a Quantized World Learn more at: http://www.biowellinc.com Contact: Chris P. Janelli, VP of Business Development Email: ChrisJanelli@gmail.com Tel: 860-485-4066

About Kalispell Regional Medical Center Kalispell Regional Medical Center, located in Kalispell, Montana, serves as the largest acute-care hospital in the Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) system. With 300 beds, KRH serves more than 170,000 within a geographical region of 20,000 square miles and employs more than 3,200 team members. In addition to KRMC, the KRH system is also comprised of another acute-care hospital (The HealthCenter), a skilled nursing facility (Brendan House), a fitness facility (The Summit Medical Fitness Center), a mental health and substance abuse facility (Pathways Treatment Center), a durable medical equipment company (Kalispell Medical Equipment) and more than 20 primary and specialty physician clinics. Core services include cancer care, cardiovascular care, emergency care, family health, neuroscience and spine care, orthopedics, pediatrics, prevention and wellness, and surgery. With the philanthropic support of the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation, the system has maintained the nation's first rural air ambulance service (A.L.E.R.T.) for more than 40 years and continues to add services and equipment to meet the growing health care needs of the region.

About The Summit Our Mission: Well-being for all. Achieving happiness, health and prosperity. The Summit Medical Fitness Center is Montana's largest and most comprehensive fitness and wellness facility located on the campus of Kalispell Regional Medical Center. The Summit offers a wide range of specialty programs from kids to seniors including adult fitness programs, performance programs for athletes, senior programs, weight management and special populations programs. As the region's only medical fitness center, The Summit excels in being the place to go when the doctor prescribes exercise. The Summit provides some of the finest programs, facilities, and equipment in the state and with more than 180 staff members, its personal trainers, fitness instructors, dietitians, nurses and physical therapists are superbly qualified to help everyone achieve results.

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